Tips, in alphabetical order...(kind of)


  Use automated check in Kiosks.

  Check to see if inside counter line is shorter than Sky cap at curb.

  Have a system to get all metal objects off you and into your carry on for security check point.

  Always put your ticket and ID in the same place every trip.

  Work hard to go with carry on only. Put bright, unique, and large identification on your check in bags.


  Ask someone who IS doing it fast or faster than you. ( don't recreate the wheel)

  Buy Hans's audio program: Speed is Power.

  If more than one step in a process, consider arranging the order to provide better efficiency.

  Consider the physical position of the things involved. (human factor engineering)

  If their are steps, break out and repeat the individual steps rather than individually doing it in order.

  "Speed brainstorm" with someone on the item.

  Delegate tasks to others

  Measure how long things take, the knowledge you gain from measuring things is useful.

  Hire Hans to consult.

Cleaning Resource 1    Resource 2

  Do NOT clean it if it is already clean! Classic mistake here is cleaning the whole fridge front when there really is only one little spot by the handle.

  Clean from the top down.

   Have all the tools you MIGHT need handy, - hang wipe cloths on your shoulder, hang spray cleaner on your pocket, have toothbrush handy in pocket, have razor handy.

  Time how long it takes you to do a room, measuring things lets you see improvement. and gives you goals to improve.


  Be safe, then you'll feel safe, when you feel safe you go faster.

  buy my book: Speed Climbing


  Use two monitors to be more efficient. ( most of us have an old or extra monitor laying around) how to set up.

   Take the time to arrange keyboard and mouse on your desk, become an ambidextrous mouse user and have one on each side of the keyboard.

  Consider the time you wait for a slow net connection and/or a slow CPU, - UPGRADES on both quickly pay for themselves in time saved.

  Do NOT waste time on dealing with SPAM!

Diaper change

   Have all the tools, (wipes, towel to lay on or padding for baby's head, fresh diaper), handy.

   Talk to your baby, tell them what you are doing.

   Buy clothes that make diaper changes easy.


  learn fast about Diesel, goto: ADS 

Distances, comments

   KNOW how far away important things are, ie: Fed Ex drop box, Post Office, Office supply store, computer supply store, supermarket, 7/11, copy centers, dry-cleaner, hardware store, airport, etc.

  Know the fastest way to get to important locations. - surface streets or freeway, traffic times or "non-rush hour".

  Know alternate locations if you have other errands to include on the trip. use mapquest, but with a grain of salt.

Eating  - Yes!, Agreed, - it's not normally something you want to rush.

   Xtreme Pizza in Walnut Creek. Great pizza and fast delivery. ( they don't advertize that they're fast.)

  Most Asian restarurants have food at your table on average about 5 minutes faster than other restaurant dining of the same price and level of service.

  Ask for, remember, and use the waitperson's name. - guaranteed you'll get better/faster service.

Education  - Check out the below.


Household stuff

   Put away load of dishes from washer while listening to NPR.

  Carry out garbage as you go out for other errands

  Get an automatic watering system. - BETER YET, buy silk plants.(my wife thinks I'm a hack for that later suggestion)

  Do not get pets.


  Hit Ctrl-N to open another browser.

  Use two monitors so you can surf multiple sites at once on full screen.

   Experiment with Mozilla and Explorer for the common websites you use to see which works best/faster.

  At counter check in, have cards ready and confirmation #.

  Always place your room key in the same place, ( Ie. on top of TV), when you're in the room, and always in the same place on your person,, (IE. your back left pocket), when out of the room.

  Be willing to LET THEM.give you an upgrade if your reserved room isn't available.

  Make use of the Hotel shuttle service.

  If gonig to Yosemite check here:  lodging


  Pack important items first. Pack large items first.


  for customer service with most companies use these folks cheat sheet.

  Give your name clearly first then ask for the person you wanted to talk to.


  Try your closest print shop, often if you walk in with a PDF or other acceptable file they can print and cut out cards for you in a few hours.

   Online, here's someone I recommend: Business cards


  LISTEN to what the other person is saying, UNDERSTAND what they are saying.

  "mimic" the body positions the other person is taking.

  Read Dale Carnigie's book: "How to win friends and influence people."

  goto NSA's website and learn to become a better speaker by learning to be a better listener.

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Reservations and Rentals

  It's always OK to shop for best price, I've found that Enterprise is one of the lowest, but has ALWAYS been the BEST SERVICE. -I've timed them on a few tranactions. My last check-in/car-pickup took 7 minutes and 32 seconds.( Lafayette CA office) My last car drop off  took 1 minute and 11 seconds. that is not unusual for Enterprise. ( the Car Rental business is competitive and thankfully I've seen similar performance at other companies sporadically, Enterprise has been consistantly fast)


  Stay on your toes, lean forward.

   See: speed experts


  Almost all software that runs on PCs can have the following tips applied:

   Alt and then Tab will scroll you through the open applications

   Shift and Tab will do the opposite of Tab especially when entering  forms it is useful. to shift tab back to the previous entry box.

  Alt and the appropriate letter opens the corresponding pull down menu from the top

  Ctrl X, C, and V are: cut, copy, and paste respectively

  Right clicking anything will give you the options to do quite a few things that would otherwise require your mouse going through other menu routings.

  F2 lets you edit an Excel cell or many other things in many programs.


  Read about the latest in "Acelerating Intelligence and Technology"


  Keep a Thesarus nearby, and read through one when your lounging about.

 A job begun is half done. The quickest way to write is to sit down and do it. Simply force yourself to be there and if necessary strike small bargains with yourself, i.e. one page per sitting and re-write or edits only every third session.

  For "old fashioned, pen to paper writing" invest in a smooth/fast writing insturment. Bic has one called Velocity.

 get ideas written down when you have them, immediately.

  Use voice recognition software. Dragon

Send in your tips for just about anything.

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