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  I pulled into the Honda service center at the Oakland CA, dealership without a reservation for service. With in 30 seconds there was a service person at my window with a clip board asking how they might help me. I described my problem and within eigtht mintues there was paper work written up, and I was in a courtesy shuttle van to be dropped off at work.

  My last Oil and Filter change at Jiffy Lube in Lafayette  CA took 17 minutes and 43 seconds from the time I stepped out of my car to the time I sat back down in it. – AWESOME! Super nice you have free coffee and a listening station while you wait. ( They also vacuumed the floor and washed the windows as well as checked and topped off some other things.)


  Car to car, CTC, bank teller machine, deposit three checks in two accounts:  2 mins 41 seconds

  CTC, Bank teller maching, deposit one check: 1 min 8 secs

  In a Bank of America in TX, my wife and I completed paperwork for escrow: 59 minutes.- not affiliated-Instant online real estate values


  Master bathroom: 17 mins 32 secs

  Guest bathroom: 11 mins 12 secs

  vacuum family room floor: 6 mins 24 seconds

  Unloading and putting away a full loaded dishwasher: 4 mins 32 seconds

  "edit" ( that's "get rid of") one Glad bag full of clothes from closet: 1 hour and 17 minutes. ( it's tough to let go of stuff you don't use)


  Backpacker coiling a 55 meter rope: 41 seconds

  The Nose route of El Capitan in Yosemite: 2 hours, 48 minutes, 50 seconds

  Everest: 8 hours, 10 minutes

  Nut Cracker Route, Yosemite: 7 minutes

  Royal Arches Route CTC: 53 minutes

  for more climbing records see: speed climb .com

Diaper change

   on the changing table: 31 seconds

   In the field:  52 seconds

Distances(when you know commonly taken routes or trips, you can better plan your life)

  City block walking: 58 seconds (useful when you're in a hurry and don't have your running outfit)

  Fed Ex drop box, 4pm last pick up: 1 min 50 secs (everyone in business should know there closest overnight drop location)

  Fed Ex staffed location, 5:30 pm last pick up: 5 mins 15 secs

  Stairs, -one floor: 11 secs ( A CLASSIC DELIMNA! :"Elevator or stairs?", Stairs are always faster except when going farther than four floors and taking into consideration location of two rivals and destination's distance from each choice.)

  School, ( daughter) good stop light karma: 3 mins 32 secs,

  School, ( daughter) bad stop light karma: 5 mins 8 secs,

Filling out Forms

  Dental form, first visit, two pages:  8 minutes 45 seconds

  Fed Ex form: 2 minutes and 39 seconds

  Hardware store, club application,: 52 seconds (saved $2, so that's $138/hr):

  Mail in rebate:  3 minutes and 56 seconds


  Shower:  3 minutes and 45 seconds, kitchen to kitchen

  Trim Nails and file 1 minute 48 seconds

  Shave face: 4 minutes 44 seconds (obviously NOT  "effective speed" if you cut yourself, - be smart)


  Dental visit I once had a temporary cap put in very caringly over a root canal, it was 9 minutes from the time I walked into the office until the time I left. Yass Datmalchi.

New chain on a mountain bike: 3 minutes 57 seconds ( jokingly I asked if they could do it in five minutes because their shop was closing in ten. Josh, said " since your asking, I'll do it in four!", Hans " I'll start my watch". Sure enough the counter person asked to ring me up while Josh was working on my bike. I had my bike rolled out to me with a new chain, AND the derailer adjusted in less than 4 minutes.)

  Loading a bread making machine: 9 minutes, 24 seconds. (yet folks let those wedding gifts go unused for years and often forever)

  Average time from ordering to receiving main meal at "sit down restaurant": 17 minutes.  Average time at a Chinese restaurant: 14 minutes.

  Juicing with a Jack Lalane Juicer, AND cleaning all the parts:  7 mins 58 seconds

  Transferring checkout clerk from one to another.: 17 seconds

  Tying a shoe: 9 seconds   ( this means it's worth the time usually to STOP, bend down, and adjust or tie shoe laces)

  Un- tying and retying a shoe: 14 seconds  ( SO! take the time to STOP and adjust your laces)

  Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: 1 minute and 42 seconds


  Packing two kids cloths for a four day trip WITH four year olds "help": 22 minutes!


  Business front page of NY Times: 7 minutes and 42 seconds ( pretty easy to stay up on things)

  Most people read about 150 words a minute.

 Clothing purchase at The Men's Wearhouse. 29 minutes from entering the store to leaving, to buy two pairs of slacks and two shirts. Special notes: I had a six and four year old kid with me that were delighted to play with toys they had on hand! I also spent seven minutes filling out and processing a credit card application which saved me $10. Thus I made $85/hr for that 7 minutes.

  Refill/replace Ink for computer printers. I took in my seven empty ink Cartridges to Wan's Cartridge World in Walnut Creek CA. It took them 7 minutes and 37 seconds to refill and ring me up for the cartridges. I saved at least 40% of the cost of buying the cartridges elsewhere. If they have your cartridges already in stock they will trade out with you or just sell you the new/refilled ones and I suspect your time in the store would be less than 2 minutes. 

  Replace cash register tape, James at Trader Joes: 2.7 seconds!  ( I was stunned seeing this and without a "call to go for it")


  Trailer rental pickup: 31 minutes

  Trailer rental drop off:  4 minutes and 28 seconds

  Enterprise car pick up, with reservation: 13 minutes

  Enterprise car drop off: 1 minute


  Diapers for charge credit at a HEB grocery store in San Antonio:  41 seconds

Sports records and ranking

  Fitness Rank .com

Track and Field

see: Track & Field


  Addressing an envelope: 47 seconds ( often said that a hand written note is one of the best ways to make a positive impression)

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